creative tea infusers

Strawberry tea infuser, comes with a suitable glass cover to keep the water hottea infuser 2tea

Floating Tea Egg – love the shape and the way it complete the base4093Tee-Ei-schwimmend-Floatea-schwarz_06

Drowning Robot Tea Infuserrobot-tea-infuser-2robot-tea-infuser-3

Qualy TEA SHIRT tea infuser 
Witness your tea leaf infusing and forming a unique cup of tea. Apart from a catchy name,the tea infuser is attached with a memo clip on which you can leave a message to your loved one or state which tea you desire. Now let’s drop your Tea Shirt into your cup of Tea.tea_shirt_tea_infuser1__36486_zoomQL10099_Tea_Shirt_GN_Used2

Mesh Ball Tea Infuser – Killer Whale Infuser_with_Whale__74679_zoom

Tea Bag Tea Infuser by Danish designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek


 Tovolo Tea Infuser 31W93T0KCTL._SY450_

Mister Tea Infuser 51ibNxArK7L._SL1010_  Rosendahl Tea bal Infuserl by  Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek18040B

Arta Tea Leaf InfuserArta-Tea-Leaf-Infuser-One-More-Gadget

Electrolux Duo infuser by Mexican designer Emma Moreno – You need to fill the ingredients in the cup and switch it on. The heating level is selected by the user and then this tea infuser is placed in the cup. This modern tea infuser gets heated immediately after coming in contact with hot water. The infuser is kept in the cup for some minutes and it prepares the tea. The Duo infuser features a touch screen interface which has the on/off and heating buttons. The tea tag is attached at the bottom cap of the Duo infuser. This tag keeps the pieces together. The cover of this infuser is transparent which allows the user to see the whole process.


Le’Xpress Stainless Steel Tea Infuser – smart 2 in 1 tool 31997_1

Tea Ball Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen for RosendahlMMD-Tea-Infuser-L

TeaCube by Jieun Yang & Hanah Suh


T-Rex Tea Infuser – shaped like a Dinosaur with holes for the tea to infuse through and a removable head to put the tea in through, there is also a handy “lead” to stop him getting away with your tea!

trex Tea Diver from Seoul-basedAbel Partners Design Studio


Just Ducky Floating Tea Infuser  rubber-duck-floating-tea-infuser-xl

 Leasfs Tea infusers Trendy tea infusers to make your tea taste better


T-Man Tea Strainer


Tea Sub – ideal infuser to make enticing and refreshing tea every time you need itprod-45-sitko-na-caj

Chigra tea infuser from Relogik – Blowing into the cup is part of everybody’s tea ritual, so much so that it is almost instinctive behavior. What if we could, having that in mind, make the ritual more enjoyable and colorful? What if our children could start a healthy tea drinking habit while having fun at the same time?chigra_tea_infuser_wpiit


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