Teabag Bin


The Teabag Bin is as simple as its name suggests: A bin for used tea bags!

This stylish little container made from high grade steel or plastic sits happily next to the kettle’ its flip-top lid swallowing up used teabags, keeping your kitchen mess Tree. Available in chrome, brushed steel anda selection of colours the Teabag Bin is a must have item for your home, an ideal gift for friends or family and a superb kitchen innovation. Next time you make a cuppa and take out the teabag think about it: What do you do with yours?

The Teabagbin was conceived in 2002 by Dean O’Loughlin. He and business partner Stuart Hosking formed Z List Limited and later The Teabagbin Company to market the product. Since that time the Teabagbin has gained notoriety through television and radio, appearing on Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, 60 Minute makeover, Chris Moyles Televison Show on Channel 5, Richard and Judy, Capital Radio, The Chris Moyles Radio One Show amongst others. Celebrity Teabagbinners are said to include Richard Madeley, Kylie Minogue, HRH Prince Charles and Ralph Little.



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